Shady Tree Farms’ Mechanical Root Removal Service

Our mechanical root removal service is

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Saves you thousands of dollars
  • And goes deeper and cleans better than any amount of costly, slow manual labor.

We work fast, but availability is limited.

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    Watch it in Action

    With the growing cost and increasing shortage of manual labor, Shady Tree Farms is pleased to present our mechanical root harvesting service.

    This is the only machine of its kind west of the Mississippi. We service fields throughout the Central Valley – from Bakersfield to Sacramento (other locations may be possible, call to find out).

    Traditional vs Mechanical Root Harvesting

    The traditional method of removing roots from your cleared field takes multiple pieces of equipment, a lot of expensive skilled labor and a great deal of time.

    Our root harvesting machine takes the place of:

    • a large crew of laborers
    • a harvesting machine
    • a screener
    • a loader
    • and multiple passes through the field. 
    Yellow tractor pulling red harvester in open field

    Cleaner Fields - Faster

    The mechanical root harvester will remove sub-surface material up to 8 inches deep that would never been seen or picked up by a hand crew. The harvester can pick up roots as big as 4 feet long and 15 inches in diameter.

    Unlike labor crews, we aren’t limited to a certain time of day or by weather conditions. The machine is capable of running multiple shifts in most conditions so that you can meet your schedule.

    The Shady Tree Farms mechanical root harvester not only eliminates the need for manual labor, it completes the job in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

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    How to Prepare for Mechanical Root Harvesting

    We’ve experienced many different field preparation practices and know what will lead to the cleanest fields and best results. Your field needs to be prepared so that the harvester can operate at its full capacity to give you the cleanest field possible in the shortest amount of time.

    All of the stumps must be cleared as well as very large pieces of material. 

    Clear any non-organic matter or anything else which could damage the machine including:

    • Waste
    • Irrigation lines
    • Metallic material
    • Concrete
    • Large rocks

    After the trees, stumps and non-organic matter is removed, the field should be ripped at least twice in different directions. Then rip the field with a solid multi-shank ripper along with either a ring roller or rice roller. This helps break up dirt clods so they will slip through the screen.

    Finally, disk the field with a stubble disk and roller to break up any remaining clods and to even out the surface.

    Now you’ve got an efficient surface for the machine to work on.


    Availability is first-come, first-served.

    Call today to schedule the fastest, cleanest, least expensive root harvesting service available. 
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